Hi there! Karly here. This is actually my fourth “food blog.” I first started my old food blog here, where I created quick and easy recipes for college students who didn’t really have time to cook, and, secondly, casually with friends on social media sites. There was also a short lived blog here before I found the website not as blog-friendly. While I liked the concept very much so, I realized it was so limiting. My passion for food simply cannot be contained within such constraints. One of my newfound loves, baking, usually takes at least 20 minutes for even the quickest cake recipes. Why limit myself when I can share my love through so much more?

I continue living life procrastibaking (baking to avoid doing work) whenever I can. I try not to lose sight of my mantra, though — work hard, bake hard. It seems like I’ve been talking mostly about baking so far. While I must admit I’ve been leaning towards the baking side more lately, I still love to cook. Think about it. For baking, once you put the tray in the oven, it’s pretty much up to the oven to do its magic; but with cooking, you wield the mighty wooden spatula (or your kitchen utensil of choice) to control how exactly your food is cooked.

Join me in my fabulous food frolics aboard the S.S. Culinary Fare!


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